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When we first moved here we always felt that we could create some special and unique "spaces" to add to the existing cottages. It has been quite a journey to get here but we think and hope that we have succeeded in our mission. Below are links to the two unique and luxurious tree-houses completed in Summer 2022. Both are perched on the edge of an abandoned quarry that has remained untouched for 200 years. 


Please click on the pages below for photos of each tree-house and information on how to book with our partners Canopy & Stars.

The Wonham Larch

A sweeping balcony with a jacuzzi tub, framing a fabulous mirrored space that hangs in the woods on the borders of Exmoor

The Wonham Oak

Luxuriate in downtime with a balcony beyond belief, a drench shower wetroom and an outdoor bath to inspire envy

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